The NTS 02-G is a high precision, 3 port GNSS (GPS/ GLONASS) referenced NTP, SNTP and PTP (IEEE1588v2) Grand master or Boundary clock that provides secure, accurate and reliable time synchronization to enterprise networks. Each of the ports are independently addressable and logically isolated allowing multiple Networks to be connected to the same clock without compromising the network security. The addition of multi-level password protection and user access rights, SNMPv3, and built-in NTP amplification attack immunity, makes the NTS 02-G a versatile synchronization solution for a range of critical network applications. *Formerly known as the NTS 02-E.

Key Features:

  • GPS and GLONASS support
  • Isolated power supply
  • 3 independent RJ45 Ethernet ports 
  • PTP (IEEE 1588v2) Master/Slave function
  • UTC and LST with user defined DST
  • Remote configuration over Ethernet
  • Configuration encryption and security
  • Enhanced Security and encryption that exceed NERC CIP requirements

Input/Output Signals:

  • PTP (Supports Power Profile – C37.238, and Telecom Slave Profile – ITU G.8265.1)
  • SNMP v1, v2c & v3
  • DC IRIG-B (Un-modulated, DCLS – C37.118.1)
  • User defined Pulses
  • DCF77


Takes up ½ of a 1U rack-mount bracket designed for 19 inch cabinets. A 1U 19” rack mount is included with every clock.
IP40 (Ingress Protection rating)


(W) 160 mm x (D) 155 mm x (H) 40 mm
Display:2-line x 16 character FSTN LCD display
LEDs:2 LEDs indicating multiple statuses, including: Sync Status, Antenna cable fault, Satellite acquisition mode
Button:Display mode button
USB:USB configuration port (Type B)
GNSS Receiver
L1, C/A code, 32 Channel Parallel-tracking receiver
Frequency:1598 Mhz
Sensitivity (Acquisition):-155 dBm
Sensitivity (Tracking):-160 dBm
Oscillator – TCXO
Holdover characteristics operating at 25°C:– TCXO 1PPS drifts 0.55 ms over a 24 hour period.
– Drift rate: 7 ppb per second
Network Time Server option
Ethernet UTP Connections3 x RJ45 10/100 Ethernet UTP connectors 
Timing accuracy:<100 ns to UTC
Protocols supported:ARP, UDP, ICMP, TFTP, DHCP, SNMP, and BOOTP
NTP/SNTP:Stratum-1 NTP & SNTP time server, Multicast & Broadcast server capability, Optional MD5 authentication
PTP (IEEE1588 v2):– GrandMaster 
– Slave Default 
– Power Profile (Full) – C37.238 
– Telecom Slave Profile – ITU G.8265.1 
– 1-step/ 2-step 
– Layer 2 or Layer 3 
– Peer to Peer delay 
– End to End delay 
– Multicast operation 
– Accuracy <100 ns to UTC
SNMP:V1,V2C & V3 support can be independently enabled; Configurable V1, V2C community names & security groups; Fully configurable via SNMP; V3 User-based Security Module (USM) support; USM authentication methods: MD5, SHA; USM privacy methods: DES, AES
Notifications:SNMP trap generation V1, V2C & V3; SNMPv3 traps can be authenticated & privatised via USM; Syslog (RFC-3164 & 5424 verities
Inputs & Outputs
1 x RS422 Programmable Output:ESD protected, RS422 +-3.3 V output, 50 unit loads (3 Pin).
IRIG-B (B00x / B22x) time code with selectable C37.118.1 and AFNOR S87-500 extensions, 
DCF77 time code, 
User defined pulse sequences: 
− Repetition rates from 20ms to 24 hours 
− Offsets and durations from 10ms to 24 hours
− Resolution is 10ms, timing accuracy is <100 ns to UTC
1 x RS422 IRIG-B Input:ESD protected, RS422 ( -7 V to +12 V common mode range) IRIG-B input, 1/8th unit load (3 Pin)
2 x Configurable Relay Outputs:NO contacts (2 Pin), Contact rating: 275 Vdc, 100 mA, Contact protection: 275 Vdc, 0.5A (fused)
Environmental & Electrical
Power supply options:L = 14 – 36 Vdc (3 pin)
M = 20 – 75 Vdc (3 pin)
H = 85 – 265 Vac / 90 – 300 Vdc (3 pin)
Power Rating:3 W max.
Operating Temperature:-10°C to +65°C
Humidity:10 to 95% RH (non condensing)
Configuration Software
Windows based configuration software is available for download on the Tekron website
Platform:Windows based configuration tool
Timing & Synchronization:– Worldwide daylight savings and local time configuration.
– Adjustable hold-over times 
– Antenna cable delay compensation