Power Distribution Centers

Solutions for advanced management of distribution networks, focused on increasing productivity and efficiency in operation

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The pressure to improve operational efficiency and reliability indicators motivated the electric utilities to invest in automation in the medium voltage network, which led the number of digital devices to significantly grow in the recent years. This growth has made it possible to perform a large set of control actions not in hours, but in seconds, eliminating the need for dispath of field crews, since everything can be done via their own real-time operating centers.

On the other hand, the continuous inclusion of new equipment makes the operation more and more complex, while the worry about reliability indicators requires quick and assertive decisions from operators. Moreover, in most cases, the distribution automation systems often focus only on basic functionalities of the electrical protections and do not take advantage of all the potential of smart reclosers. To become even more efficient and competitive in this new scenario, utilities have sought new tools with capacity to integrate operating systems, providing security and ease of maintenance.

Elipse Power ADMS is an advanced platform for distribution network management, focused on the increase of productivity and efficiency, optimizing and controlling the network assets.

The network’s electric modeling, based on IEC 61970 – CIM standard, guarantees shorter configuration, maintenance, and commissioning times, in addition to easier integration with existing corporate systems, such as GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and OMS (Outage Management Systems).

Smart modules, such as Self-Healing and Schematic View, complement this solution by supporting the decision-making process and improving maneuver and switching times.

  • Improved reliability indicators (e.g. SAIDI, SAIFI, CAIDI)
  • Reduced operational costs in field crews
  • Low cost for maintaining and integrating to other systems
  • Preserves earlier hardware investments
  • Enhanced operational security

  • Self-Healing module: automatically reconfigures the distribution network to supply as much customers as possible, minimizing the impact of an energy fault.


Schematic View module: automatically generates simplified views that makes it easier to understand the network topology, leading to quicker, more assertive operations.


GIS import/synchronism tool: enables a unique registry for each device, ensuring information integrity and reduction of maintenance costs.


Multiprotocol platform: allows integrating several distribution IEDs, taking full advantage of pre-existing legacy systems and devices.


Topology Processor: a ready-to-use algorithm applied to operation diagrams. Performs the line coloring dynamically, enabling the operator to analyze which circuit paths are energized or not.


Reliable electric registry: integration with other enterprise systems (e.g. GIS, OMS) ensures a safer operation, by reducing the chance of human errors in the configuration time.