Elipse Modbus OPC Server

Modbus Opc Server Print 05 960×448

Elipse OPC Server allows an easy way to provide data from devices using the Modbus protocol to a wide range of OPC DA client applications, such as SCADA, MES/PIMS, and ERP, among others.

Created by Elipse Software, the Brazilian leader in SCADA software development, Elipse OPC Server integrates four tools:

Ícone do OPC StudioElipse OPC Studio
Used to edit a project executed by OPC Server.
Ícone do OPC ServerElipse OPC Serve
Used to execute I/O Drivers and to implement the OPC Server.
Ícone do OPC ClientElipse OPC Client
OPC DA Client for testing on Elipse OPC Server or on third-party servers.
Ícone do DCOM WizardElipse DCOM Wizard
Tool for DCOM and firewall configuration to facilitate remote connections.

  • Connect your devices in up to three steps
  • Use engineering scale conversions
  • OPC Self-Tested for compliance

  • Complies with OPC Data Access 2.05a specification
  • Tag Browser to import tags
  • Product compatible with Windows XP SP3 or later
  • Support for physical layers: Ethernet, Serial, Modem, RAS
  • Integrated Modbus Driver with string configuration
  • Support for Modbus protocols: TCP, RTU, ASCII