Mining and Metals

From extraction to the plant, to lamination furnaces

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In a highly competitive scenario, with decreased commodities values and thus fewer operational margins to work with, the steel and mining industry faces a large deal of pressure for delivering better results with smaller investments. Many companies need to extend their control and instrumentation assets lifespans – thus postponing investments – while increasing operational efficiency with their current resources.

Elipse Software solutions focus on increasing operational efficiency, targeting the flexibility of data collection in hundreds of types of devices, sensors, and meters, in addition to processing and handling information in operation, planning, and maintenance activities.

The large number of available communication protocols allows the solution to live in harmony with devices from different manufacturers, thus preserving your investments and reducing operational costs with data integration. Also, centralized maintenance, native redundancy, and a virtual architecture allow you to have considerably fewer operational costs and the system to have a shorter unavailability time.

Our software offers you and integrated perspective, from data collection and contextualization by assets such as controllers, valves, engines, belts, and pumps, to data storage and indicators retrieval with analytical tools.

The three main Elipse solutions used for these purposes are:

Elipse E3: This distributed SCADA system for critical missions has been in the market for 15 years, constantly evolving in flexibility, communication ability, and modelling tools. It meets the highest demands of 24/7 supervisory control systems, including native redundancy and advanced alarms system compatible with ISA 18.02 standard, and is highly customizable.

Elipse Plant Manager (EPM): Operational intelligence core, where data from different sources is stored and monitored, allowing you to perform calculations for retrieving indicators, trends, and forecasts. It features several client tools that allow you to analyze graphs and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, as well as to access a real-time corporate portal.

Elipse Mobile: Allows you to fire commands from the device, as well as to visualize process variables, indicators, and events. Its forms can be used for collecting data (such as inspection routines and other maintenance variables) manually, which can later be stored directly at EPM.

See some of the benefits our customers have enjoyed with these solutions:

  • Investments in devices with low connection capacity are preserved, due to the large number of protocols available and the development of new interfaces as needed;
  • More options of hardware suppliers if the system is expanded;
  • Shorter action and learning time, due to unifying isolated systems into a single platform;
  • Systems are customizable to each customer’s needs, duet to the high flexibility and capacity in data modeling;
  • Quick customer service and technical support, provided by the same team developing the product;
  • Integration between manual/route and tele supervised data input, which allows you to view the project as a whole;
  • Data is available in mobile devices, which makes for more agility and fewer costs for maintenance and operation;
  • Indicators are more visible and the decision-making process is more accurate with a single view of the process and by processing automated calculations on the collected data;
  • Reports are generated very flexibly, unifying information from different systems and processes, which makes for quicker and safer operation, planning, and maintenance.


  • SDCDs Retrofit
  • Substation Automation System (SAS)