Water and Wastewater

Learn how to reduce operational costs and increase efficiency for water collection, treatment, and distribution

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Water is one of the main natural resources available on Earth and, being vital for all forms of lives, one of the more precious. It takes an ongoing global effort from all governments, companies, and people to preserve and ensure our access to its supply. One of the main problems faced by the water industry is inefficient distribution, such as waste from poor piping systems and excessive power consumption during water collection, wastewater treatment, and pumping.

Elipse Software solutions help make these processes more efficient: operations are quicker and more reliable, energy and chemical reagents consumption is reduced, and technical losses are cut short.

 These raise the need for new technologies that improve the system’s control in order to avoid waste, reduce distribution losses, and improve energetic efficiency, which are the biggest concerns affecting power suppliers’ savings, profits, and resource preservation.

Our wastewater solutions apply to all stages of water collection, treatment, and distribution, as well as to all reverse processes of wastewater and effluents collection, treatment, and disposal. Our system allows you to optimize resources, increase efficiency, and reduce operational and maintenance costs.

We provide you with a complete tool package for real-time monitoring, historic analyses, and integration between systems, with which you can track the plant’s data in any portable devices (tablets and smartphones) and later use it for supporting your decisions.

  • Pre-existing investments are preserved
  • New investments are planed out more strategically
  • Operational and energy costs are reduced
  • Waste is reduced
  • System pressure is controlled
  • Centralized information
  • Increased water quality index
  • Access to indicators and reports via mobile app
Visão geral da ETA

General vision of the water treatment station

Flexible development platform allows you to create new resources:

  • Optimized pumps activation: reduces electricity consumption, ensures water supply during peak time
    • Automatic, dynamic reagents dosage control
    • Pressure control: reduces losses, ensures supply
    • Support to object-oriented design for standardization, shorter development time, and easy maintenance
  • Open architecture with over 400 communication drivers, from all main vendors, which allows you to integrate to innumerous systems and devices, including legacy equipment
  • All systems are operated and visualized in a single view to support your decisions
  • Mobile platform for operating and visualizing information.