Energy Transmission Centers

Optimize the operational processes and improve the quality of power supply

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Electric utilities face huge challenges in their quest for greater efficiency of processes and improving the quality of supply. Asset management, field teams’ optimization, integration with external systems, are some of them.

Elipse Power EMS is a platform for transmission and sub-transmission grids management, which ensures the most efficient use of assets, reducing operating costs and improving quality indicators.

By using electric intelligence modules, Elipse Power EMS becomes an important tool for the decision-making process, thus ensuring a secure, efficient operation and continual improvement in the supply’s reliability indexes (e.g. SAIFI, SAIDI).

Based on a fully redundant client-server architecture, with distributed processing and support to all communication protocols used in the electric system, this is the ideal solution for transmission and sub-transmission control centers.

  • Reduced engineering and maintenance costs.
  • Reduced commissioning costs.
  • Interoperability with devices from different vendors, which reduces the initial investment as well as costs for the system’s reposition and expansion.
  • Shorter recovery time in case of energy outage.
  • Improved operative security.

  • Electric system model compatible with IEC 61970 – Common Information Model (CIM) standard.
  • Self-healing module: applied to the high-voltage system, it automatically restores the service in case of outage.
  • State Estimator Module: inaccurate or missing measurements are spotted and fixed.
  • Load Relief Module: smart load relief management and control.
  • Operator Training System (OTS): a SCADA-integrated environment for simulating maneuvers impact.
  • Creating, editing, and running maneuver procedures.
  • Easily integrated with regulatory companies’ systems and other control centers via ICCP.
  • Long-term historian to help the operators’ decisions, and a post-operational tool for analysis and auditing.