Animal Feed Factories

See how the productive process can be improved to ensure complete traceability in animal feed factories

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Producing high-quality animal feed relies on an efficient, dynamic process. Automation systems allow you to develop and maintain such process, while ensuring finished products, raw materials, and all actions involved in the process are safer, standardized, and traceable. All steps in the process (from receiving/storing the product to shipping it, but especially at dosage/mixture, its two crucial points) are efficiently controlled with a supervisory system.

Elipse Software’s solution for animal feed factories features a centralized operation, which makes for a cost-effective management of resources. The technology’s open, flexible architecture and real-time monitoring powerful tools provide you with an optimized control of the operation; its native resources for creating new recipes allow the dosage process to be achieved with higher precision. Additionally, its execution tools provide you with a completely traceable system, while generating reports and easily storing all information via native connection to the database.

  • Preserves pre-existing investments: communicates easily with other systems or devices;
  • Precise dosage;
  • Completely traceable;
  • Flexible development;
  • Optimized production;
  • Standardization.

  • Flexible development platform provides you with a series of resources:
    •  Integration with administrative management systems;
    • Development and management of recipes;
    • Tools for report development;
    • Native connection with the main databases in the market;
    • Support to object-oriented design for standardization, shorter development time, and easy maintenance.
  • Open architecture with over 400 communication drivers, such as BACnet and Modbus, which allows you to integrate to innumerous systems and devices, including legacy equipment.