Food and Beverage

Production, processing and packaging

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A supervisory system that generates operational gains in the whole plant could become an extremely complex endeavor in food and beverage industries due to their great number of industrial operations. This scenario, when you consider the great number of devices from different vendors used in the process, results in limited SCADA applications whose development is rendered inefficient. With over 40,000 systems installed worldwide and thousands of customers, Elipse Software can provide you with management solutions for food and beverage production applicable to any step in the process, as well as other industrial utilities.

Featuring over 400 communication interfaces, Elipse solutions allow you to integrate different devices and systems in the same application, regardless of their manufacturer. In addition to their native resources, such as connection to databases, report development tools, and historic and real-time analyses, our systems help you develop a safer, more agile application, with efficient resource management and plant production.

Our flexible solutions allow you to develop a supervisory for any food and beverage industry, in addition to meeting the requirements of utilities such as:

  • Water and effluents treatment plants
  • Measurement per sector and electricity co-generation
  • Cold chambers and cooling tunnels
  • Raw and final products traceability
  • Compressors.


  • Animal Feed Industries
  • Wastewater
  • Substation Automation System (SAS)
  • Building Management System (BMS)