Power Generation Plants

Solutions for Generation Operation Centers (GOCs), hydroelectric plants, thermoelectric plants, wind farms, and photovoltaic plants

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Elipse Software offers software solutions for Generation Operation Centers (GOC) from renewable sources like hydro, wind and photovoltaics, and also system retrofit for non-renewable sources as coal and gas.

Those are complex systems, which needs control and monitoring of hundreds of thousands variables, controlled by devices from different manufacturers, where it is necessary to offer not only safe and robust operation conditions, but also to perform data processing to obtain indicators and action suggestions to maximize asset ROI.

 Since the 1990s, Elipse Software has accumulated experience in automation processes, which makes the company the Brazilian leader and one of the world’s key players in SCADA systems for generation plants.  Specialized in protocols, redundancy, advanced alarms, and other state-of-the-art features, Elipse is the main supplier of SCADA systems in connection to other hardware platforms, including ABB (Masterbus), Alstom (P320), GE, Rockwell, Siemens, and Reivax, among others.

Elipse E3 is used as a GMS (Generation Management System) in a great number of power plants of all types and sizes. This platform is also used in Generation Operation Centers (GOCs), with transparent connection to local plant supervisory systems, or via different energy protocols, such as DNP 3.0, IEC 101/104, and ICCP. It is also integrated to weather stations and forecast web services, which allow you to predict quite accurately the weather on the following days and thus help you support your strategic decisions.

Trabalhando em conjunto com o Elipse Plant Manager (EPM), o software provê ferramentas de informação que auxiliam as companhias de geração a obterem maior eficiência operacional. Pela aliança do domínio dos processos com os dados de tempo real, capacita-se colaboradores através da obtenção de um discernimento consistente, atualizado e por meio de indicadores preditivos de manutenção.

  • Fewer engineering costs;
  • Scalability;
  • Reliability;
  • Fewer integration costs with other systems.

  • A single Elipse E3 Server allows you to manage millions of tags, which helps you create robust, reliable applications;
  • Elipse E3: Flexible system, via scripts and libraries, allow you to customize the application and reduce maintenance costs;
  • Elipse Plant Manager: tools that allow you to pen and analyze data, thus improving operational intelligence;
  • Easy integration with other OPC systems, energy protocols, web services, and remote domains, among others;
  • Integration between plants and center via remote domains: imports tag maps, reduces dramatically engineering costs;
  • Submodule 2.7 library for sending data to regulatory agencies: slave drivers allow you to send data with no need for purchasing additional hardware;
  • Responsibility areas and alarm filters: allow users to share alarm monitoring responsibilities.