Underground cable route locator

Danh mục:

Low Frequency Generator LFG-2500 is designed for locating underground communication and power cables and determining the depth of their position, as well as pinpointing the places of short circuits of the cable cores using induction method.

Input AC voltage 220 ​​V, 50 Hz through the automatic circuit breaker and a thyristor is fed to the power rectifier, capacitive filter and then to a transistor inverter, the load of which is the output transformer.

The generator has a audio-frequency modulation mode, protection against overcurrent, smooth and scalar adjustments of the output voltage.

The generator features a special way of low-frequency modulation of the output signal. The modulation is performed by pulses of the rectangular shape with 1.5-3 Hz frequency, so that during the first half period of the modulating voltage the signal with 1024 Hz frequency is generated, while during the second half-period – one with 2048 Hz frequency. The advantage of this modulation method is that if the receiver accepts frequencies of 1024 Hz and 2048 Hz (for example, P-900), it would be possible to switch between the two on the receiver itself. In the continuous generation mode, the signal with 1024 Hz frequency is generated.

Technical Specifications

Characteristic Value
Output power in the coherent mode, W, min 2500
Maximum output voltage while ideling, V 300
Maximum output current, A 50
Generation frequency, Hz 1024/2048
Modulation frequency, Hz 1.5-3
Number of stages to match of the load 12
Load resistance range 0.5…150
Single-phase AC power supply voltage, V 220±22
Maximum consumed power, W 3000
Dimensions, mm 320х360х200
Net weight, kg, max 15