High Voltage Test System HVTS-70/50 perform DC high-voltage testing of power cables (IEC 60502-2) up to 70 kV, power cables accessories (IEC 61442) as well as AC high-voltage testing, up to 50 kV at 50 Hz, of switchgear, reclosers, dielectric insulators, highvoltage dischargers (arresters), busbars and other dielectric materials with relatively low electric capacitance.

Main advantages 

Portable AC DC Hipot Tester HVTS-70/50 is portable equipment. The control unit is enclosed in high-impact plastic case with a handy strap.

The test system HVTS-70/50 is:

– Supplies the high voltage test on the object and control of leakage current;

– Ensures high accuracy and maintenance of the test voltage at a certain level, it is possible to adjust the leakage current with an external capacitor additional DC voltage during the test;

– Measures the voltage directly at the load, allowing you to have a real idea about the stress tests on the object and control it with the specified accuracy. In addition, significantly increasing the safety of the staff, especially when removing the residual capacitive charge when disconnecting the high voltage;

– Made in a sealed enclosure provides protection for remote control from dust and moisture, which is especially important when using the machine in the field;

– Equipped with a modern system of removal of residual capacitive charge using the secondary winding of the transformer and has an optional external shorting;

– A protection scheme on excess input and output current limit and set the output voltage exceeds the set. HVTS-70/50 has the ability to program required for a particular test value of the maximum current and maximum voltage protection circuitry;

– High voltage unit has a built-in pressure sensors and temperature sulfur hexafluoride transformer with output of their state on the graphic display;

– The ability to save the settings of the eight most commonly performed types of testing (insulators, surge protectors, switches, cables, 6.3 kV, 10 kV cables, etc.);

– Display all the necessary information on the specifications and test results on a graphical display. During the test, shows the numerical values ​​of the test voltage (rms), test current (rms) and the timer duration of the test. Additionally displays the voltage (amplitude), the shape factor for AC voltage or crest factor for the rectified voltage. An estimation of the dynamics of changes in the test parameters displayed a linear scale display of voltage and current;

– A choice between manual and automatic operation. The latter involves the installation of the operator values ​​of the test voltage in steps of 0.1 kV, lifting speed of the test voltage, the voltage test current protection operation time of the test;

– Preservation of the non-volatile memory of archival records of tests carried out with information about the time of the test, the averaged voltage at the facility and the leakage current;

– The ability to work remotely – reading the archived data on the tests carried out, the setting and the choice of test parameters, workflow management

Technical Specifications
Supply voltage single-phase AC current, V 
220 ± 22
Frequency, Hz
50 ± 2
Highest power consumption, kW, max 
Highest output voltage, kV:
– AC
– DC 
Highest output current, mA:
– on an AC voltage 
– on the DC voltage 
Relative error voltage, %:
– AC voltage from 3 kV to 50 kV 
± 3
– DC voltage of 3 kV to 70 kV 
± 3
Relative error of current measuring, %:
– AC current of 1,0 mA to 45,0 mA 
± 3
– DC current of 0,1 mA to 20 mA 
± 3
manual / auto
Rate of voltage increase, % / s 
Maximum voltage threshold, kV:
 – on an AC voltage 
 – on the DC voltage 
Treshold current ofr the power supply, A, max 
Programmable timer, min, max
Archiving of test results, quantity
Сontrol Unit dimensions, mm, max 
Сontrol Unit Weight, kg, max 
BVIEG (HVU-G) dimensions, mm, max 
BVIEG (HVU-G) Weight, kg, max 
Lifespan, years, average 
Package Contents
Control Unit (CU) 
High Voltage Unit (BVIEG) with cables to connect to CU
Power cable (2 m, cross section 3×0,75 mm2) 
Ground wire (4 m, cross-section 4 mm2)
High-Voltage wire (4 m), Utest ≤ 25kV
Fuse VP3 -1, 10.0 A
Metrological certification of GP “Kharkivstandartmetrologiya”